Spiritualism New Zealand Presents:

A Weekend of Spiritual Workshops and Readings

20 - 22 November



Join with like-minded people for a weekend of laughter, love, and learning as we explore many different aspects of spiritual living.

South Auckland Spiritualist Church, 

47 East Tamaki Road

Simon Lane



Clairvoyant Evening - $10

Private 15 minute readings - $20

$20 per workshop for SNZ or SASC members 

$25 per workshop for non-member


Book now: 

Come along Friday evening to make your booking or come on the day

Numbers are limited for some workshops


Weekend Workshops

Friday 20th November

7-9 pm

Dazzling Light
Clairvoyant evening

Find out more about the weekend and share an evening with spirit.

Saturday 21st November

9.30 - 11.30 am

Winding Road
Journeys to spirit realms

The Guides will facilitate a journey to visit 3 realms of Light and Love: Your inner Spiritual Self-a journey within to receive insights into your pathway and yourself. Hall of Learning-Spirit will take you to another vibration to connect with them, receive insights and tools to help your progress and learn. The Mother Earth Green Grid-What is it? A view of New Zealand and other countries you may choose, viewing from Spirit. 

Sitting on Rock
living spiritually

What does it mean to live spiritually? How can you do this and what is the purpose? How can you connect with your spirit guide to gain their help in your everyday life. Gain an understanding of your spiritual side and how you can incorporate it into your daily life to allow yourself to move more smoothly through the ups and downs of human existence. 

Saturday 21st November

12.30 - 2.30 pm

Clairvoyant evening

Find out more about the weekend and share an evening with spirit.

White Branch
Ghost busting/ entity removals 

A medium’s experience with Sue Boyle - A stimulating talk about what goes on during house cleansings and other ‘ghost busting’ sessions. 

Clairvoyant evening

Find out more about the weekend and share an evening with spirit.

Image by Scott Webb
Reading stones

Today scrying with stones is often restricted to working with crystals. In this workshop we will work with “ordinary” stones just as many of the ancients did. We will work with the messages expressed at their physical and energetic levels. You will learn to read for yourself and others. You will be surprised how much is hidden there in each stone, just waiting for you to reveal it.

Saturday 21st November

3-5 pm

Purple Stars

What are these beings and are they really here on our Earth? Connect with these spiritual beings and gain an understanding of why they are here and how they are helping us as we learn, grow and develop as we and Mother Earth move towards the 5th dimension. 

Northern Lights

Trance/channelling is a form of mediumship where the medium goes into an altered state of consciousness, to temporarily allow Spirit to use the his/her voice and body. This is a workshop for Mediums who are looking to looking to extend further into channelling/trance work or just want to practice doing so in a safe environment. We will open with interactive discussion, have a meditation and then practice channelling with our spiritual helpers. (Not for beginners.) 

Sunday 22nd November

10am - 12pm

Colorful Flowers
Flower psychometry

Flower psychometry (also known as an intuitive flower reading) uses symbolism, intuition and knowledge of the flower to interpret a message. It is about attuning to the energy and spirit of the flower to receive a message of guidance and wisdom. It takes into account the way in which a flower grows, its shape and colour. Please bring a flower that you have picked by hand (not one you have cut with scissors). 

Foggy Lake
raising your vibrations

What does this mean and how do you do it? There is much talk about raising your vibrations so that you can ascend to the 5th dimension. Join a discussion on what this means to you and how it may be affecting your everyday life. 

Sunday 22nd November

1pm - 3pm

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

This is a chance to experience trance channelling with Sue’s Guides. This form of communication from spirit enables you to hear what they have to say and to engage in a conversation with them. They will answer questions and give guidance with humour, love and wisdom. The Spirit’s voice and mannerisms will manifest during this session. Have your queries prepared beforehand.

Mountain Path
past lives

We'll briefly discuss what evidence there is for having multiple lives before going into a past life meditation. On our return to the present, we will discuss what we found and how it might be affecting our current lives.