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Combined Spiritual Healing and Open Development class

There has always been and always will be spiritual healing. It is the true link between man and God. As there is but one God and healing has been in existence for thousands of years it cannot be claimed to be the monopoly of any one religion or faith. 

A true spiritual healer is a person working irrespective of colour, class or creed. He is a spiritual person in tune with the source of all creation. This linking of the patient to God forms, with the healer, a triangle of attunement that enables the healing energies from a divine source to flow. 

In this class, you will learn to attune with your healing guides and be a channel for healing from Spirit or the Divine Source. Many of our Mediums started their spiritual journey within healing and it is truly a way of giving service to others, as well as healing yourself. 


Open Development

Are you seeking to deepen your awareness and connection with Spirit?


Are you curious about your psychic abilities?


​Do you want to discover more about who you really are?


​Join us in this fortnightly development circle and you will learn how to develop your mental faculties and connect with Spirit.  In a safe and supportive environment, you will be encouraged to go deeper and work with your psychic senses.  In doing so you may discover a talent for inspirational speaking or writing and be surprised by your psychic or mediumistic abilities.


​Based on your dedication and progress in this fortnightly class and your own desire to work with Spirit you may be selected for our regular weekly development circles.


Class Time: 7 - 9pm and held on Mondays

Investment: $5 for members, $10 for non-member





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