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Events & Classes

Our centre provides learning opportunities for individual self-development. Once you find that any initial questions you may have are being answered through attending services, you may notice that you desire more, and this is a sign that your soul is encouraging you to learn more about spiritual ways and to develop your spiritual side in a way that is most fitting for you.

Our classes are structured in a way that will provide a grounding of information and guidance with protocols that have been tested and proven to work and are sustainable over time.

There is no quick way to develop your spiritual life - it is an unfoldment and a path of commitment by oneself.   Many teachers may be put in front of you, and it is discernment and intuition that will guide you to undertake whatever learning that you require at the time.

Our teachers at the centre are experienced and have been following their path for quite some time.   They offer their own time and energy as part of their own unfoldment and sense of purpose that feels right for them.

We are always happy to answer your questions and to help explain and guide what might be the next step for you.

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