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important announcement re covid-19 

please letter below

To all friends of the South Auckland Spiritualist Church

 “The leadership of the Church, being the Trustees, the Ministers, the Committee & the Teachers have convened, and the decision has been made to close the church until further notice, effective immediately.   This is due to the spiralling Covid-19 situation.

 All of the services that we have provided to date – the Sunday service, the healing, open development, soul connection, awareness and meditation classes are on hold, together with the “Exploring Your Mediumship” workshop with Val Game, which was to be have been held on March 28th.

 We are still here though, willing and available to help with continued spiritual support, only in the new way that fits our current times, which is communication-based.  These are trying times for many and we ask that you consider us and see if we can help you in any way.

 Our frontline contacts are: – our two Ministers, Susan Kirker,  021 285 3396 and Matthew Tod, 027 205 1265 and our President, Karena Dixon, 0220 644 637.  We are all available through our email address, .  None of us have formal qualifications in counselling, but we are each practicing mediums, registered Spiritual Healers, and Teachers in our Spiritualist community, & we are committed to help anyone with their spiritual growth and development.  We do that with prayer, with healing, with respect, and we can assure confidentiality.

 Going forward, our leaders will convene every 3 weeks then update you of our intentions.  We will also continue to issue our monthly newsletter – in fact, we would welcome any inspirational writings or articles from you.  There is also a part that you can play in our group absent healing, if you’d like to register your interest by email.

For now, we wish you peace and good health in these world-changing times. 


Karena Dixon



South Auckland Spiritualist Church of New Zealand. SCNZ

We teach meditation, spiritual healing, spiritual development, and train people to become mediums. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people to become more aware of their spiritual nature, to improve their skills in coping with everyday issues, and help them overcome the big obstacles then they are faced with them.

We can also help people develop a connection with spirit, and teach (and freely offer) spiritual healing. We all have the gift to connect to the other side. The strength and accuracy of your connection depends on your consistency to take the time and effort to develop these skills.

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